Press release for the album release DIPOLE of Josah

Josah takes a step forward with the new album, out 16th August 2014.

Josah play with multiple pages by itself, and since the last release would one of these turn out to be darker, more hairy and called Dipole!

Most of 2013 has gone by producing and preparing new material to what is now their second album release. Since the first album came out in 2010, in anticipation of perhaps a star producer would emerge and get complete ignition of the Josah sound, the band decided that the material had to be released and started recording the material in their own studio and with themselves as producers. With a little help from friends in the business, this became an album with 11 tracks – deeper, darker and more edgy than in their past years, but still with that familiar Josah sound. The amazing Nick Terry (UK) has put his hands and soul into the mixing process and mastering of the album. Terry has extensive experience and has been involved and contributed to numerous publications including Norwegian and British bands. Dipole album will be released on White House Records (NO).

Josah artwork 250x250

Josah is a playful trio from the coastal district of Møre og Romsdal in Norway and has been in it since its establishment in 2006, people refer Josah as a versatile and popular band  that hits many different listeners with its intriguing genre mix. With textural guitar riffs and intricate compositions, spanning songs from slow ballads and harder and more complex songs with a type of structure, which makes you realize that the three members of the band dates back to jazz, progressive rock, pop, funk , yes, and even a little country. Josah is hopeful to how the album is received, and one can safely say that it sounds more than it has ever done by the band. The band has evolved, grown on new ideas and brought new inspiration to create a new and varied expressions, which still has parallels with the first album and the classic trio sound, but which nevertheless draws more towards heavier and more hard-hitting rock. The band is ready to reach a larger national and international audience with this release, and they are looking forward doing live shows this autumn . Meet a more hairy and darker Josah!
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